Saturday, November 15, 2008

Antique Fruit Pin Cushions

I'm doing some surfing tonight for Antique Pincushions or just pinkeeps ,I enjoy reading about pinkeeps and seeing how they were create yesteryear and today:
I came across these Antique Fruit Pin Cushions @

there only 9 inches tall.I like the clamp idea to the table too.
also came across a yahoo group called: "Crazy about pincushions "
Description: This is a group for anyone who is a collector of pin cushions/needle keepers, makes pin cushions, has patterns for pin cushions they want to share (not copywritten), advice about fillers for pin cushions, which fabrics make the best pin cushions or needle keepers, where to find patterns and sources for antique pin cushions, and anything else that has to do with pin cushions, needle keepers and stickpins/hatpins. We are also a voluntary sharing/swapping group who occasionally do pincushion, needle keeper and stickpin swaps with other members
If you enjoy looking or collecting true vintage pincushions this site really has the eye candy:
This one for some reason really caught my eye..I really love it.

Description :
Antique Pyramid Toilet Pin Pincushion. It is made of wood with bright advertizment around it. The pins are on rolled paper and fit snuggly inside the round wooden container. measures 1 3/4" in diameter. The pictures and words are bright and colorful. It is in nice antique condition. Made in Winstead Conneticut. This roll of "English Toilet Pins" would be great in a collection


I dream of owning a half doll pincushion,hmmm Think I'd like one from the 30's or 40's this is beauty for sure! Description : Vintage Half Doll Pin Cushion with Pink Satin Dress and Black Eyes, Lovely Vintage Half Doll Pin Cushion. This pretty lady has painted black eyes, a pink satin dress, greyish hair and many old pins. She is approx 6" tall by 5" wide. Dress is quite faded.


    Hi, your dressform with yours fruits is very beautiful.
    Sarah Grace said...
    I love your site but I really suggest you change the color of your font to something darker. It is very difficult to read.

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