Friday, November 28, 2008

I'm looking for this pattern??

Does any one have the pattern for these directions?????
To make a Star Girl Pincushion, cut a star shape from 2 pieces of material.Cut a round, white fabric shape and sew on one of the stars for theface......leave a small opening and insert some poly fil. Close the opening and construct the star as you would any pincushion. Now hand stitch the face to give it some definition...pinch up and secure a nose, etc. Now paint this face with a flesh color and add painted features. Embellish with beads and sequins.
I do not have the actual pattern for Star Girl Pincushion, But I'm using the star below and going to give it try..I just did not under stand one thing I sew the round circle on a star before I sew the two pieces of star together???


  1. crazyhaberdasher said...
    Hi! far as I can work out, sew the circle on one of the stars (center?) filling with fibrefill as you go and then sew the facial features. Then sew the two stars together leaving an opening for turning (I think if you use felt then dont worry about turning right side out, as it would be too thick to do so) then stuff and sew opening close.
    BUT if I made this up I don't think it is necessary to stuff the face area - just leave it flat on the surface and have the whole star as the cushion. It is up to you of course!
    Looks like a great idea for a pincushion though. I would love to see your results. I will have to give it a try once we have settled in to the new house which is just a week away!
    crazyhaberdasher said...
    Hi again! .... just reading through the directions again and I guess it wouldn't matter if you put the face on before or after sewing up the star. If you were stuffing the face, I think it would be easier to make up the face after sewing the star or it would be too bulky.
    You could also put this question to the CAPC group.

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