Monday, November 17, 2008

Crazy About Pincushions yahoo group

Isn't this the cutest Flapper Girl PinKeep! I have been wanting to buy a vintage half doll to create a pinkeep. Great tutorial found here:
I am leaning toward the 1920's era.
I did join the Crazy About Pincushions yahoo group..I posted about it the other day.
I'm so happy I did . It is a active group full of Love for pincushions..So if you looking for a Pinkeep group I recommend Crazy About Pincushions! Sherrie Description: This is a group for anyone who is a collector of pin cushions/needle keepers, makes pin cushions, has patterns for pin cushions they want to share (not copywritten), advice about fillers for pin cushions, which fabrics make the best pin cushions or needle keepers, where to find patterns and sources for antique pin cushions, and anything else that has to do with pin cushions, needle keepers and stickpins/hatpins. We are also a voluntary sharing/swapping group who occasionally do pincushion, needle keeper and stickpin swaps with other members


  1. CathyJean said...
    Hi! Sherry ~
    I'm so glad that you received your pincushion and you are happy with it - thanks so much for your very sweet comments!! it warms my heart!:)
    You are very welcome to link to my pincushion shoppe, it's:

    Please come over to visit me and pick up a beautiful butterfly award I am passing on to you!
    crazyhaberdasher said...
    Just love your flapper pinkeep! She is gorgeous!

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