Thursday, December 31, 2009

Quilt As You Go Connections

Free Motion Quilting DVDs
Click on the photo to learn more about Leah's quilting DVDs
I thought this sounded really good and thought I'd share Leah's blog with you all..Thank You Leah!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Valentine Day Challenge @ CDA Prim Doll Studio

2010 Prim Doll Studio Group Calendar
Valentine Day Challenge @ CDA Prim Doll Studio
Come join us at Cloth Doll Artistry Prim Doll Studio Group
We are having a Valentine Day Challenge where members create their own
" Doll Maker Apron and Pinkeep "
and share pictures of them. This is strictly a Show and Tell Challenge.
Sign Up: January 1, 2010 - February 12th

Create your own Doll Maker Apron and Pinkeep by using your own pattern Or Use This PDF Pattern by:
Michael Miller , Classic Reversible Apron

Thinking about Valentines Day and what it represents
We are doll makers and we Love what we create
why not create some thing that gives us a bit of a challenge ,Some thing different that gets our creative juices flowing for the New Year!! also some thing we can use year round.
Let's create our very own "Doll Makers Apron and matching PinKeep" !!
Adding our own ideas and embellishing to hold our doll maker tools. Creating that special pinkeep to hold all our pin and needles and felting tools.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wash Cloth Slippers

These simple slippers brought back such good memories, My Mother in law use to make them,
This is the first time I had ever seen the pattern!!
I got the pattern from
Washcloth slippers make a wonderful gift for those who do a lot of traveling, as they take up almost no space in a suitcase. In addition, they make great bazaar or flea market items. Check the stores for “bundles” of washcloths, which would be much cheaper to buy, or use old towels and cut to fit.
Washcloth slippers make a wonderful gift for those who do a lot of traveling, as they take up almost no space in a suitcase. In addition, they make great bazaar or flea market items. Check the stores for “bundles” of washcloths, which would be much cheaper to buy, or use old towels and cut to fit. Velour is also a very nice fabric for these pretty slippers. You could make a pair for every day of the week, just throw them into the washer.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Making it Fun

Awesome APRON and more blog
with a pattern for the classic apron. Looks really cool!
. Be sure to take a look , They have lots of neat patterns !

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sew, What's New

I LOVE Sew, What's New !
if you haven't visited them or do not recieve there news letter your really missing so much.Stop by trust me you will be so glad you did. . Hugs Sherrie

Crayon Stained Quilt Art

Crayon Stained Quilt Art

Crayon Stained Quilt Art Crayon Stained Quilt Art
Crayons are used to stain the fabric of a quilted wallhanging, accented with strips of fabric, free-motion embroidery and applique. Create a beautiful textile painting of your own.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I did the happy dance when I found this tutorial...
She even shares how to use selvages for purses or what ever... "The first one is from fabric made by stitching selvages to a foundation fabric "

Golden Thimble’s 527 Free Crafty Links

Golden Thimble’s 527 Free Crafty Links
These pages are designed to give you access to lots of links about crafts and projects
The page is updated regularly with all sorts of free projects and crafts to do, please check it out. If you like the list, make sure to register at the bottom of the page so you’ll get an email update each time new things are added.
And if 527 freebie projects & patterns aren’t enough for you, here are hundreds more from Tipnut’s crafty lists:
Crafters Medley: 21 Neat-O Projects To Make (June)
Crafters Medley: 20 Neat-O Projects To Make
42 Yarn Stash Busters: Kitchen Goodies & Cozies
Tipnut’s Picks: 50 Free Projects For Baby
30 Free Patterns For Knitting Needle Cases, Rolls, Pouches & Organizers
50 Free Apron Patterns & Tutorials and the first batch of apron patterns
10 Clever Dish Towel Crafts
22 Free Pincushion Patterns
Scrap Happy Update: More Fabric Scraps & Remnant Ideas with the first batch of ideas here.
26 Free Tutorials For Needle Books & Cases
11 Free Clothespin Bag Patterns
15 Homemade Swiffer Cloth Patterns
35 Reusable Grocery Bags You Can Make – Free Patterns
Tipnut is regularly included on Golden Thimble’s hand-picked selection of goodies and I’m so thrilled to be a part of this spectacular list, thank you!
Don't Miss These Tips:
Top 100 Crafty Tutorials of 2008
Wallet Sized Sewing Kit – Free Tutorial
Free Christmas Apron Pattern: {Sewing}

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tipnut’s Hit List – January 2009 – Popular Tips Aprons

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Seersucker Apron: Vintage Sewing Pattern

Seersucker Apron: Vintage Sewing Pattern
Materials Needed:

Vintage Seersucker Apron Pattern1 yard – Striped Seersucker (36″ wide)9 yards – RickrackThread
Directions for Cutting:
1 piece: 27″ x 28″2 pieces: 4″ x 27″ for ties
Directions for Making:
On tie pieces, finish all except one short end with narrow machine hem.
On apron piece, turn under and press 1/4″ along sides and bottom.
Along top (28″) edge, turn in 1/4″ to wrong side, then fold down 4 1/2″. Baste this edge down and stitch with a loose machine stitching.
Insert unfinished ends of ties in 3″ of space above this stitching line, pleating slightly if necessary.
Run loose machine stitching across apron through both thicknesses 1 1/2″ down from top edge and 1″ apart between other 2 rows.
Stitch rickrack under edge of apron so that just points show, starting from top edge of tie, up and across top of apron and down to top of tie on opposite side. Do the same around the sides and lower edge of apron, starting at bottom edge of tie.
Pull up rows of loose machine stitching to measure 13″, tie thread ends securely and distribute gathers evenly.
Stitch rickrack through the center over the middle 2 lines of gathers.
Stitch rickrack across the top line and continue down the side where the tie is joined, across the lower row of gathers and up the other side to meet the top row.
Source: Easy-To-Sew Toys And Gifts, The Canadian Spool Cotton Company (1945)
More Apron Freebies:
52 Free Apron Patterns You Can Make
38 Free Apron Patterns & Tutorials
50 Free Apron Patterns & Tutorials
5 Dainty Tea Apron Patterns: Vintage Hank-afores
Don't Miss These Tips:
Free Ripply Apron Pattern – Vintage 1951
Bath Towel Apron Pattern: Vintage
Apron Breakfast Set: Vintage Pattern Freebie

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mrs Moen How to's

I enjoyed this wonderful tutorial, using crayons with stitches, I think this would be a wonderful technique to use in many media's , Hope you enjoy it as much as I did , Sherrie
created by:Mrs Moen How to's
Mrs Moen has a tutorial showing how she uses crayons to colour in your stitchery.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Stitches for all Seasons

Exclusive counted cross-stitch charts and projects for every season and occasion.
Free Projects too!
I really like this site very much! Hugs Sherrie

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Crazy Four Patch Block

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Quilting for Peace: Stitch Your Own Shopping Bag

I was reading about the new changes going on at Esty . I came across this tutorial, I thought it was a beautiful and inspiring read..Hope you enjoy Hugs Sherrie

Story by julieincharge, katherineabell Published on November 6, 2009 in Craftivism
Photo by
Quilting for Peace

Stitch-by-stitch throughout the decades, the art and craft of quilting has long held a quiet power to gather communities together — whether it be through quilting bees, wartime efforts, painstakingly creating heirlooms and gifts, or resourcefully gathering together fabric scraps to mend a garment or create an object of comfort.
Katherine Bell's new book, Quilting for Peace, explores the the stories, social causes, and common threads of making the world a better place one thoughtful stitch at a time. She also includes a plethora of projects and inspiration for reclaiming peace and meaning in our world, using your own two hands and a few basic craft supplies. Below Katherine Bell has generously shared with us the 30 Minute Shopping Bag project from her book.

Friday, November 6, 2009

My Primitive Sampler

My Primitive Sampler By: Ginger of "Primitives by the light of the moon" Ginger has created stitchery's for every letter of the alphabet , their just the sweetest. and their turning them in to 9 patch quilts.. I was thinking how awsome the stitchery's would be on Aprons , Dolls , PinKeeps and so on..But I do love their idea of a 9 patch quilt:) I thought they were just so cute and have it on my list of projects I want to do. Go have a peek at
Hugs Sherrie

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Free Pin Cushion Pattern – Rosetree Cottage by Studio eFabrics

I am thinking Christmas gifts , never to early for sure.This would be a great little tuck in gift for my sewing friends...I thought this free tutorial was just so sweet,,You will find it here

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bottle cap Spider Pincushion By:June Pfaff Daley

A friend of mine Connie McBride Johnson sent me this email about this adorable spider pinkeep..Is it just to cute or what!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Stitcher's Angel project

I stopped by The Quilted Crow Girls "Leonie & Deirdre" wonderful blog..It is a blog that brings sunshine and inspiration in to your life.
They have a wonderful new project called "Stitcher's Angel project"
A beautiful felt pincushion and needlecase that opens out into the shape of a butterfly.
Visit The Quilted Crow Girls pincushion and needlecase @
Thank You so much Leonie & Deirdre!!! for this wonderful project!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Simple Tied Quilt Tutorial

I found this really neat tutorial on
Simple Tied Quilt Tutorial By: Michelle Cicada

Michelle says...Very easy peasy quilt to make,You can make this any size you want- with our without piecing obviously, but to keep in the spirit of “easy”, I just used a single panel of fabric on both sides.Just like the title says, this is a nice ‘n easy quilt to make. No fussing with binding tapes as this quilt is self-bound. All you need for supplies are fabric for the top and bottom of the quilt, a skein of embroidery floss (to tie the quilt) and quilt batting.
If you’re not experienced in quilt making but have always wanted to give it a shot, this is the one to try as it couldn’t be simpler to make.
Please visit the site above for the project details,
(I am thinking Christmas Presents!!!..Hugs Sherrie)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

HoBo bag

Elizabeth Carroll has such a fun blog,I follow her, Because she is so inspiring and she shares with
wondeful tutorials
I just love her hobo bag..I have been looking for a bag like this to carry on vacation
So I am going to give it a try!
Go to Elizabeth's blog for the down load..

Monday, October 5, 2009

Change purse by Thimble Anna

I personally would like to try to make this little change purse..But I don't know if I can put a zipper in..I will try though!! It is a wonderful tutorial,

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Free Holiday Designs

what gotta go by Gum Tree Designs and see their first design for the up coming Holidays..Hugs Sherrie
Beginning October 5th!
It's here! The day has finally arrived - and you have been so patient! But we're sure you'll agree that it's been worth the wait!May we present the first of nine Christmas designs being shared by the Gum Tree Designers every Monday over the months of October and November (just imagine it is tied with sparkly gift wrap and a huge red satin ribbon tied on top).The project this week is from the wonderfully talented and beloved 'mumma' of our group, Judith Tetley of Creative Studio, and we know you'll love it as much as we do!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Victoria Wallet Instructions/Tutorial

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ghoultide Gathering

I just found out..This isn't to far from our son Brian and Samantha in MI...and we will be able to go thereOH HaPpY DaNcE!!!! read all about here know allot of the artists they are BIG-TIME!I will take lots of pictures!!
We will be October 3rd..
Leaving on vacation this Thursday.I haven't even started packing..Still be making dolls and patterns:) Ya know how it is when you get on a creative roll:)
We are driving up to MI from FL, to visit with our son Brian and daughter-inlaw Samantha
Just can't wait to see them..I haven't adjusted at having my kids living so far away yet..
Then leave from MI Monday morning and slowly do the sites from Kentucky, Tennessee , North Carolina, MaggieValley..and on towards home Florida..No schedule , just see family, and friends and the gorgeous fall colors
Talk to you all when we get back
Love and Hugs

Monday, September 28, 2009

Wool Snowman Tape Measure

Wool Snowman Tape Measure
Oh GOSH isn't this tape measure just adorable!
a awesome tutorial! Thank You The Country Cellar very much!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wrist Pincushion

Great tutorial for a wrist pinkeep

The Long Thread also has other tutorials and they are just wonderful!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Quilt,Accessories Patterns

wonderful website-Chitter Chatter Designs

This is a awesome Blog!
her blog is:
This is a awesome web site!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ruched Patchwork Pumpkins

Really nice tutorial on Ruched Patchwork Pumpkins
which could be use for many creations a HUGE Thank You to Arlette of

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cool PinKeep Patterns

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pillowcase Tote – Sewing Tutorial

Pillowcase Tote – Sewing Tutorial
from Creative Kismet with a fabulous Pillowcase Tote Tutorial:
Many of you requested a tutorial for my pillowcase grocery bags. They are super easy and quick to make, involving only straight line sewing.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fabric scrap pin cushions ,Crazy Quilt PinKeeps

Learn to Make a Crazy Quilt Pincushion

This simple pincushion project will give you a small sampling of some of the techniques used in crazy quilting.

Fabric scrap pin cushions


free pattern and tutorial for a notebook cover but it could be a needlebook
Annies Crazy World: thumb pin cushion

Monday, August 31, 2009

Halloween Challenge

August 2009- Halloween Challenge
Due Date: October 24, 2009
Create a Halloween doll. Forward one photograph to me (Sherrie Nordgren) by October 24, 2009. Cloth Doll Artistry members can vote in each studio and vote for one winner. Voting in each studio will begin October 28 -31, 2009. The winners from each studio will receive a variety of doll patterns, an exclusive class with Kat Lees, a free 3-month advertising spot, and be a featured artist on the showcase studio. I will post pictures of everyone's dolls and crafts in the link below

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Free Stitching

I came across this wonderful Blog and wanted to share it with you all !
It's just amazing the sharing this sweet gal does..Hugs Sherrie

Free Stitchin' Patterns Free sewing, stitching & needlework patterns of all kinds!
Whatever kind of stitching, needlework or sewing you're into, we're sure you'll find some fun designs, tips and tutorials you can use to make your projects even better!

We'll also be posting links to all the awesome free designs we find while surfing the web! As well as letting you know about stitching news, new book releases, techniques & much more!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I'd like to Welcome you to the Prim Doll Studio!
Above doll created by :Annie Beez Folk Art

Prim Doll Studio is about
Prim , Folk Art , Yesteryear, Whimsy,PinKeeps,Aprons and more!

Monthly:We will have
Featured Artist
Prim Doll Studio Artistry Gazette
Book and Magazine reviews

*Challenges which will be announced*

My goal :here at Prim Doll Studio
is to help " Preserve "the Artist's of YesterYear and Today.

To gain the recognition they deserve for their works of Art.
To save the knowledge and teach this knowledge of yesteryear and Today to all generations.
Let it never be forgotten.

Will come through you our Prim Doll Studio members:

As we all are bound together in a sister hood of thread that binds us together in love of what we all create , and in sharing and caring for other's along our own creative journeys.

Requirement's of Prim Doll Studio:

* Members are to post about their patterns, creations,

*We want you to toot your horn and let us know
what's up..Share..Ask questions , Answer questions, etc.

*Talk about about your favorite artist, Friend, Student, Patterns, Technique, Book, Magazine, online or off line,
or maybe you found a newbie artist who has inspired you.

Artists' from yesteryear..Example:Izanna Walker ,Babyland Rag Dolls,
China Heads , Maggie Bessie , Columbian,

Prim Doll Studio will be just awesome! Join us and join the fun!

Sherrie Nordgren
Prim Doll Studio Coordinator

How to Join:

Left side colum it says:
Cloth Doll Artistry Network
Click on Prim Doll Studio

Cloth Doll Artistry's Halloween Challenge

CDA is hosting it's first Halloween Challenge for ALL STUDIOS.

Create a Halloween doll, pin or craft. If you are participating in the challenge at this studio, forward one photograph to the studio's coordinator by October 24, 2009. CDA members can vote in each studio for one winner. Voting in each studio will begin October 28 -31, 2009. The winners from each studio will receive a variety of doll patterns, an exclusive class with Kat Lees, a free 3-month advertising spot, and be a featured artist on the showcase studio.

One winner will be selected from the following studios:
Cloth Doll Studio
Crafts Studio
Pin Doll Studio
Prim Doll Studio
Santa's Studio
Soft Animals Studio

That is a total of SIX WINNERS!

Have fun creating! On Your Mark, Get Set.....GO!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

60 Free Pincushion Patterns

60 Free Pincushion Patterns

Newly Updated List! I’ve pruned out the links that no longer worked or were no longer free (thanks for the heads up Linda!), fixed a few that have moved and added over a dozen new pincushion patterns and tutorials. If you’ve been through this list before, everything after #44 is new to the list (#58, #59 and [...]

Monday, July 27, 2009

ШЬЕМ САМИ - Лоскутные мелочи

ШЬЕМ САМИ - Лоскутные мелочи
has lots of free patterns..Not in english but they are very detailed I have a translator
This wonderful link came from

also great link from Donna......... This is the translator that I use. It is simple and sits on your
taskbar. Whenever I want to translate I just click on the word
"English" and it translates the whole page for me.

also another great link from:Ruthie Peterburg
And if you open the site in and translate into russian, even the links are translated and you can read! Thanks so much Ruthie!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Patriots in Aprons

Women in aprons, united to fight for freedom & the constitution. Tie one on & join other patriots at Tea Parties!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

little purse pincusion tutorial

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rag Doll Quilting

wonderful quilt and pinkeep and many fantastic tutorials!

Quilt Fabric Delights

Friday, June 26, 2009

Tutorials- Fun Ones

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Pincushion Trio

With patchwork and decorative stitching, pincushions never looked so good. Corral a few favorite fabric scraps and start stitching.


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