Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Free Cuddly Dragons Patterns

Cuddly Dragons
and other AFDenizens

Everyone liked some form of cuddly (or plushie) animal when they were younger, whether it was a teddy bear, a rag doll, a dog or cat, or some other creature. However not many can say that they used to have a cuddly dragon! Hence the reason behind this set of pages - to promote the cuteness of cuddly dragons and to enable anyone to make their very own.

These pages do not contain just cuddly dragons, they also contain cuddly afdenizens. Afdenizens are individuals who are active in the newsgroup, #afd DalNet IRC channel, or on the Alfandria MUCK. I thought it would be a great idea to make cuddly representations of the various characters I have encountered!

Click on the following thumbnails to view the various cuddly dragons and afdenizens, and download the patterns in Adobe PDF format to make them yourself.


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