Friday, January 16, 2009

Sindy Rodenmayer of Fat Cat Patterns Free BOM

Sindy's Bird Houses

This BoM will run from Jan 2009 - Dec 2009

Sindy Rodenmayer: said

You have stumbled upon the jumbled up assortment of my quilting doodling. Each of the pictures on this site will link you to the PDF file for that appliqué patterns.

The patterns are free.

Sindy's Bird Houses

This 24 block series will post 1 block approximately every 2 weeks through the year. Each block will be offered in 12 1/2 and 8 1/2 inch sizes- BoM - 12 1/2 & 8 1/2 inch blocks
I found this wonderful site by searching for appliqué's for my aprons and other crafts.
I fell in love with this Bird Houses
BOM..being brand new to quilting I felt this is just what I was looking for some thing hopefully simple yet a bit of a challenge..
I know you will think this is just crazy..But my stumbling block is when they start talking about fusible stuff.. I mean I just stop cold..I must have a block area in my mind..I have no idea what there talking about,,then go out and buy what ever the clerk at the
store says to buy..only to come home and look at it and go now what do I do..Follow manufactures directions then end up with gunk stuck to my iron.. and ruined fabric...

determination I have..Even to the point of writing my thoughts here on PinKeeps and Stitchin too.,
I am a visual person and hands on... I found this out when I first started creating my dolls..For me I have found what really helps
when I am on a block or to see some through through another persons eyes is to do two things
#1: write my block problem out and read..
#2: post a picture
of what ever it is I'm creating at the moment and I need to see how others see it... whether it is a cloth doll face, or a pinkeep , quilt so on and son on..Post it on a your blog will give you a whole new interruption of it whether it be written or visual
..I bought a small book called "The Sewing Stitch & Textile Bible..
I bought it because I wanted to learn all the different fabrics..It starts with tools and equipment and is a wonderful very informative book for this beginner bought it also because it shows how to put a zipper in tada!

I found this page in my book about Appliqué..and I do under stand what it is saying
as far as the how too....but it doesn't say name brand or name of fusible adhesive to buy..
are the all the same?
How about if I just do not use any fusible adhesive at all and just hand sew my appliqué straight on to my my block or skirt or where ever I'd like to appliqué..
alrighty why all the fuss?
well it is simple
I created lots of Prim,FolkArt, and Vintage it is my passion..
thats a whole world different type of sewing ..But on a quilt or apron..
I want to sew correctly..I guess I should say I want to learn to sew the correct way..even down to a dress or blouse ..I love to sew..


  1. Marie said...
    Hi Sherry, welcom to the wantabees. I see you are in Fl. so am I . Where are you I am in Cocoa. Have a grand day. hugs, Marie
    Marie said...
    Hi Sherry, welcom to the wantabees. I see you are in Fl. so am I . Where are you I am in Cocoa. Have a grand day. hugs, Marie
    Anonymous said...

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