Friday, February 27, 2009

Tutorials for sewing / embroidery needle books & cases

I do swaps of PinKeeps, Cloth Dolls, Apron's
I love adding extra special gifts to add to the packages..Staying with in the themes,Or just to surprise a friend with a little some thing.To be honest I don't always have the the extra$$.

So I have decided to create hand made extras and am starting a "Hand Made Gift Category of links for free patterns.Starting with this wonderful link of 26 free patterns for needle books & cases.
A collection of free patterns and tutorials for sewing / embroidery needle books & cases
Materials vary, there are felt, fabric & cross stitch covers. Some are simple, others quite elaborate

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Domestic Diva

The list below is from the wonderful
I need to post this again so I will have it too..Sherrie

Stick a Pin in It…Sewing Pincushions

Friday, November 2, 2007


And it’s onto Day 2 - Pincushions:

Sew Mama Sew - Homemade Holidays - Day 2 - Pincushions

More Pincushion Tutorials

Craft Log’s Pincushions

Dottyral’s Indestructible Emery Pincushion

Very Big Jen’s Eyeball Pincushions

Rozzie Land’s Sunny Wrist Pincushion

Whip Up’s Stickin it to the Pincushion

Martha Stewart’s Strawberry Pincushions

Betz White’s Teacup Pincushion

Martha Stewart’s Leaf Pincushions

Martha Stewart’s Homegrown Tomato Pincushions

Abyquilt’s Star Pincushion

K Quilt Studio’s Pincushion and Thread Catcher Combo

Purl Bee’s Very Easy Pincushion

Sarah with an H’s Poppy Pincushion

Monkeyroom’s Pincushion Sewing Kits

Paper-String-Cloth’s Patchwork Pincushion

Wee Wonderful’s Pod Flower Pincushion

Southern Girl Musing’s Pincushion

Needle Necessities’ Toad Stool Pincushion

Tammy’s Time - Flower Pincushion

Lady Eleanor’s Half Doll Pincushion

Dress Form Pincushion

Mother’s Pin Box

Dress It Up’s Teacup and Saucer Pincushion

Needle Necessities’ Heart Pincushion

The Floss Box’s Mattress Pincushion

Old School Acres’ Acorn Pincushion

Marie Browning’s Dress Form Pincushion

Amanda’s GIANT Pincushion CHAIR!

Turkey Feather’s Pincushies

Echoes of a Dream’s Granny Square Pincushion

Urban Debris’ Vintage Hedgehog Pincushion

Little Thing’s Baby Food Jar Pincushion and Sewing Kit

Creative Zaida’s Special Occasion Pincushion

DIY Network’s Pretty Pincushions

Creative Ribbon’s Silk Strawberry Pincushions

Lil’ d’s Apple Pincushion

Join the Pincushion Challenge

The Pincushion Challenge

Flickr Eye Candy

The Flickr Pincushion Pool

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Cause I don’t know how to “backtrack”…LOL

P is for Pincushion

My Favorite Pincushion Chicka

A pincushion post would not be complete without mentioning my dear buddy, April aka Momosclothes. Scroll down to the bottom of her Ebay ME page to see some of her beautiful pincushions. Pictured at the beginning of my post is one of the first ones I received from April…so beautiful!!!

Off to the sewing room I go to pick out some pink and black fabric for my pincushion…


Making Aprons Of Passions!

Just sitting and listen to the quiet ..awww sounds so good,It has been a couple hectic days .But just full of blessings that's for sure.
I have been dreaming of making a apron for myself "A Doll Makers Apron"
On it I wanted to incorporate the type and styles of dolls I create.
well I came up with THREE awesome ideas for THREE aprons!
Making Aprons Of Passions!
The above tote I made about 8 years ago,,
#1:What I'm going to do is the same thing but appliqué 3-D them on to the bib of my Apron..Creating more type, and styles of dolls I make ,
But drawing just the face of my dolls like the above raggedys!
Does this make sense??

#2 Apron: I want to make for me will be
Apron with Aprons displaying my love for Aprons
Couldn't you just see appliqué 3-D miniature tiny aprons on a apron
I will use a small print or maybe even solid color..
All different styles of Aprons more the merrier!
Once again appliqué 3-D my hand drawn passions..

#3: Apron:
I want to make for me will be A Apron of all my Passions
: Aprons, Pin Keeps, Quilting, Cloth Dolls. , a dab Of Mixed Media..
Done is bright make a statement colors!
Once again appliqué 3-D my hand drawn passions..

I want to create these so when I do my dolls classes or work shops or attend doll meetings , clubs, and so forth it..I want my apron to tell what I love to do.
Does this sound crazy??

Sunday, February 15, 2009

looking for Free Blue Bird Patterns

I did a google search looking for Free Blue Bird Patterns well I found some wonderful links for our PinKeep and Stitchin hearts and their Free! Hope you enjoy them...Sherrie
Free Cross Stitch Patterns

Birdie Ornaments

(this is where I found my pattern for a Blue Bird Yippie!!! and I LOVE their blog too saved it as my favorite)

Mister Blue Bird
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
Bird Body cut from fabric 1. Bird Belly cut from fabric 2 leav e open. Mister Blue Bird materials:. 10" x 10" square (each) of 2 fabrics ..

May’s Free Embroidery Pattern

(I loved this very talented gals blog!!)

I did find a real Blue Bird Pattern that I love..It is so yesteryear..Yesteryear is always my favorite! you can buy this pattern at
She has a large collection of one of kind PinKeep Patterns..I love them because they are different!
Quilt's N Etc. for Doll Makers
Doll Quilts, Pin Cushions, Needlecase Sewing Sets, Samplers & Pillows
This gal has
There are 834 links to free craft projects and pages

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I felt this was important message to us all and for our loved ones.
I want to make this right away.!!!
you can get the pattern for it right here

Cardiovascular diseases are the # 1 killer of women in the U.S. Join Bernina in the fight against heart disease through the Sew Red campaign.

IN FEBRUARY, RED HEARTS are not only a reminder of Valentine’s Day, but also of American Heart Month. The Sew Red program by Bernina supports the American Heart Association’s effort to raise funds for research and education about heart disease. Create the “CrossYour Heart” keepsake pincushion for all the important women in your life as a reminder of the importance of heart health. Go to for valuable health facts as well as more information on how to help.


• 1⁄4 yard of red print fabric (fabric A)

• Two 4”-squares of contrasting print fabric (fabric B)

• Matching all-purpose thread

• 3⁄4”-diameter button or covered button kit

• Polyester fiberfill

• Hand sewing needle

Use ¼” seam allowances.


From fabric A, cut two 4”-squares and one 7”-square. Position one fabric A 4”-square and one fabric B square with right sides facing, aligning the outer edges. Stitch one side. Press the seam allowance in one direction. Repeat with the remaining fabric A 4”-square and fabric B square.

Position the two pieced strips with right sides facing so that each square faces a contrasting square.Make sure the center seams match. Stitch one long edge. Press the seam allowance downward.

Position the heart pattern above over the pieced square right side, matching the pattern intersection point with the seam intersection point.

Trace around the pattern outer edge. Flip over the pattern and trace around the outer edge again. Cut out the heart. Trace the heart pattern onto the fabric A 7”-square. Cut out the heart. Position the pieced and fabric A hearts with right sides facing, aligning the outer edges. Stitch around the heart perimeter, leaving a 2 ½” opening along one long side for turning.

Clip and trim the seam allowance.Turn the heart right side out. Stuff the heart with fiberfill, using a knitting needle or chopstick to push the fiberfill into the corners. Slipstitch the opening closed.

If you’re using a covered button kit, cover the button with a fabric scrap following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Thread the needle with a double strand of thread. Knot the thread ends. Insert the needle at the pieced intersection point, bringing it out on the heart fabric A side. Bring it back up through the intersection point, pulling the thread to create an indentation. Repeat to secure the indentation.

Position the button over the pieced intersection point. Stitch the button in place, knotting the thread ends beneath it.

You Tube PinKeeps

Here is a link to refer to for making pinkeeps
There are several great videos

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Shashi's Butternut Pattern

A long time online friend of mine Shashi Nayagam Created the beautiful doll pictured above...She offers her gorgeous Butternut doll pattern
I have printed her free pattern and was thinking what a beautiful pin keep Butternut would
make! Stop by here to down load Shashi's Butternut Pattern

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My new PinKeeps 2009

Thought I'd share my new pinkeeps so far for 2009
I love pinkeeps, and even love making and giving them even more!
These are all my new ones for the new year 2009, They are simple ones, I have some on the sewing table that are more complicated.They are just as much to create also.
The journey for me is creating and learning..
This is a Valentines PinKeep
I had joined a apron swap at
I created a reversible
Valentine Day Apron for my partner
apron side 1side 2 of Apron
and using the same fabric I made a reversible
pinkeep/ or can be hung as a ornament.
This pin keep is my favorite and I use it a lot
It is Primitive .I created it from a very old Pillow Ticking
and added some rusty bells..Simple but prim .

Here is another Prim PinKeep
Pattern is by Denise Davis of

Here is what I call "Snuggle Bugs"
I bought the figurine at the dollar store..I thought they were so precious

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pincushion is created by :Jacque Ueutz

This pincushion is created by :Jacque Ueutz
sje is having a give away on her blog
A friend of mine Carla had posted on another group of about a gorgeous and free pincushion
You MUST got by Jacque Ueutz Blog and enter Good Luck to all I'm keeping me fingers crossed too!!!:)

Monday, February 2, 2009

A Tisket, A Tasket Twelve Months of Baskets

Anne Sutton
A Tisket, A Tasket
Twelve Months of Baskets!
A Free Mystery Block of the Month from Bunny Hill Designs
Join us as we work on our newest free pattern! Each month, for twelve months, you'll find a free block right here on our web site. At the end of 12 months we'll give you the directions to assemble your surprise. Be sure and click on the link below for the directions to get started. Sign up for our newsletter on the home page, just under the slide show, to be notified when a new block is available, or check back around the 5th of each month.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

How to Make Cushiony Valentines for All Your Crafty Friends


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