Friday, February 20, 2009

Making Aprons Of Passions!

Just sitting and listen to the quiet ..awww sounds so good,It has been a couple hectic days .But just full of blessings that's for sure.
I have been dreaming of making a apron for myself "A Doll Makers Apron"
On it I wanted to incorporate the type and styles of dolls I create.
well I came up with THREE awesome ideas for THREE aprons!
Making Aprons Of Passions!
The above tote I made about 8 years ago,,
#1:What I'm going to do is the same thing but appliqué 3-D them on to the bib of my Apron..Creating more type, and styles of dolls I make ,
But drawing just the face of my dolls like the above raggedys!
Does this make sense??

#2 Apron: I want to make for me will be
Apron with Aprons displaying my love for Aprons
Couldn't you just see appliqué 3-D miniature tiny aprons on a apron
I will use a small print or maybe even solid color..
All different styles of Aprons more the merrier!
Once again appliqué 3-D my hand drawn passions..

#3: Apron:
I want to make for me will be A Apron of all my Passions
: Aprons, Pin Keeps, Quilting, Cloth Dolls. , a dab Of Mixed Media..
Done is bright make a statement colors!
Once again appliqué 3-D my hand drawn passions..

I want to create these so when I do my dolls classes or work shops or attend doll meetings , clubs, and so forth it..I want my apron to tell what I love to do.
Does this sound crazy??

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  1. Lynn B said...
    Sherrie I love your blog, thankyou for all the pinkeep links. I love making cross stitch pinkeeps.

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