Monday, May 25, 2009

Pink Penguin Fabric Basket / Tote

Pink Penguin Fabric Basket / Tote

12. Kim - Sew Mama Sew full of tutorials and good ideas. One thing thing I made for 2007 was this zipper bag and this is the master link for 2007 ideas
13. Jane - yo yo garland (I'm definitely making this for next Christmas)
14. Julia - Sew Mama Sew 2008 master list
15. Sandi has started a new blog called Keeping Christmas for those who want to start now to keep up with Christmas all year long. Sandi also has darling ornament patterns and several tutorials on her blog.
16. Lit and Laundry - Shopping bags
17. Nedra - Kim's kalidoscope quilt
18. Robyn - Nordic Houses (other tutorials at Orange Flower)
19. Pat - purse organizer, coasters
20. CJ - Jona's aprons


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