Thursday, October 15, 2009

Simple Tied Quilt Tutorial

I found this really neat tutorial on
Simple Tied Quilt Tutorial By: Michelle Cicada

Michelle says...Very easy peasy quilt to make,You can make this any size you want- with our without piecing obviously, but to keep in the spirit of “easy”, I just used a single panel of fabric on both sides.Just like the title says, this is a nice ‘n easy quilt to make. No fussing with binding tapes as this quilt is self-bound. All you need for supplies are fabric for the top and bottom of the quilt, a skein of embroidery floss (to tie the quilt) and quilt batting.
If you’re not experienced in quilt making but have always wanted to give it a shot, this is the one to try as it couldn’t be simpler to make.
Please visit the site above for the project details,
(I am thinking Christmas Presents!!!..Hugs Sherrie)


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