Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Quilting for Peace: Stitch Your Own Shopping Bag

I was reading about the new changes going on at Esty . I came across this tutorial, I thought it was a beautiful and inspiring read..Hope you enjoy Hugs Sherrie

Story by julieincharge, katherineabell Published on November 6, 2009 in Craftivism
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Quilting for Peace

Stitch-by-stitch throughout the decades, the art and craft of quilting has long held a quiet power to gather communities together — whether it be through quilting bees, wartime efforts, painstakingly creating heirlooms and gifts, or resourcefully gathering together fabric scraps to mend a garment or create an object of comfort.
Katherine Bell's new book, Quilting for Peace, explores the the stories, social causes, and common threads of making the world a better place one thoughtful stitch at a time. She also includes a plethora of projects and inspiration for reclaiming peace and meaning in our world, using your own two hands and a few basic craft supplies. Below Katherine Bell has generously shared with us the 30 Minute Shopping Bag project from her book.


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