Thursday, December 10, 2009

Seersucker Apron: Vintage Sewing Pattern

Seersucker Apron: Vintage Sewing Pattern
Materials Needed:

Vintage Seersucker Apron Pattern1 yard – Striped Seersucker (36″ wide)9 yards – RickrackThread
Directions for Cutting:
1 piece: 27″ x 28″2 pieces: 4″ x 27″ for ties
Directions for Making:
On tie pieces, finish all except one short end with narrow machine hem.
On apron piece, turn under and press 1/4″ along sides and bottom.
Along top (28″) edge, turn in 1/4″ to wrong side, then fold down 4 1/2″. Baste this edge down and stitch with a loose machine stitching.
Insert unfinished ends of ties in 3″ of space above this stitching line, pleating slightly if necessary.
Run loose machine stitching across apron through both thicknesses 1 1/2″ down from top edge and 1″ apart between other 2 rows.
Stitch rickrack under edge of apron so that just points show, starting from top edge of tie, up and across top of apron and down to top of tie on opposite side. Do the same around the sides and lower edge of apron, starting at bottom edge of tie.
Pull up rows of loose machine stitching to measure 13″, tie thread ends securely and distribute gathers evenly.
Stitch rickrack through the center over the middle 2 lines of gathers.
Stitch rickrack across the top line and continue down the side where the tie is joined, across the lower row of gathers and up the other side to meet the top row.
Source: Easy-To-Sew Toys And Gifts, The Canadian Spool Cotton Company (1945)
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