Wednesday, November 10, 2010

10 Eye Masks & Pillows To Make: {Free Patterns}

With Christmas just around the corner, I saw this on and wanted to share it with you all. (((Hugs Sherrie)))
10 Eye Masks & Pillows To Make: {Free Patterns}
Eye Masks & Pillows Collection
Lavender Eye Pillow Pattern: (pdf download) Includes pattern for a slipcover and carrying case. Filler is dried navy beans, dried rice or lentils and dried lavender.
Sherpa Lined Eye Mask: (pdf) Make a cozy sherpa mask with this free pattern (template for the mask is at the bottom of the pdf), trimmed with organic gingham bias trim (and casing for the elastic). From Making It Fun.
Do Not Disturb Lavender Pillow: This charmer is made with linen and filled with 2 parts dried lavender and 1 part flax seed or rice. Includes “Do Not Disturb” image download (notice the lovely lavender sprigs she stitched along the sides).
Woven Silk Lavender Eye Mask: Ha! I finally found this Martha Stewart pattern online (it used to be on her website and then it was gone)…I made these several years ago as gifts and they are nice! No straps for the masks, they lay across your face. Filled with 3/4 cup flaxseed and 2 tablespoons dried lavender. This is now hosted on Martha’s Whole Living website (includes the mask template to download).
Luxury Fabric Eye Pillow: This is a basic eye pillow that’s similar to what’s already been posted above, but I included it to show how little pieces of luxurious fabrics (such as crushed velvet or silk brocade) can make an eye pillow totally gift worthy.
Sleepy Time Eye Mask: Includes mask template that you can download (jpg file). Recommends using a flannel piece (on the side that touches your face) and a layer of corduroy in the middle (to make sure the mask blocks light). Held in place with fabric covered elastic.
Patchwork Eye Pillow & Slipcover: Slipcover front is worked in fabric patches, back is solid and fastens with a button and string loop. Pillow is filled with flaxseed.
Minkee Eye Mask Pattern: Very similar to above pattern, uses decorative elastic so it saves you a step in covering it. Includes a free pdf template download for the eye mask.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Just in time for for stocking stuffers!

I thought thie was really nice for stocking stuffers or just a little add on for any time of the year!! Enjoy (((Hugs))) Sherrie

This felt-fashioned tissue holder helps you counter those winter sniffles with style. It's a Good Thing.
Tools and MaterialsTemplate for pouch design (Frenchie dog, African violet flower, rose or sycamore tree)ScissorsIronSteam-a-Seam double-faced iron-on adhesive (sheet or roll)FeltTapeRoll of 1/4-inch-wide Steam-a-Seam double-faced iron-on adhesive
Tissue Pouch How-To1. To create an iron-on design for your pouch, print the template of your chosen design (Frenchie dog, African violet flower, rose or sycamore tree). Roughly trim excess paper from around the design.
2. Cut a piece of fusible web to size of trimmed template. Iron fusible web onto a piece of felt, and let cool.
3. Tape template onto paper side of felt/fusible web piece. Cut out shape.
4. To make the tissue pouch, cut a 6-by-7-inch piece of felt or ultrasuede. Iron strips of 1/4-inch-wide Steam-a-Seam adhesive to both 7-inch edges.
5. With adhesive strips facing up, fold one 6-inch side 1 1/2 inches in toward center and press in place. Fold the other 6-inch side 2 inches toward center, overlapping the first side, and press in place.
6. Press iron-on decoration onto front of pouch.
ResourcesFelt available from Magic Cabin. All other tools and materials available at sewing or crafts stores.Get more floral pattern templates.
From The Martha Stewart Show, January 2010

Read more at Tissue Pouch - Martha Stewart Crafts


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