Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Need Apron Inspiration

I want to make Valentine Aprons, But I need inspiration!! Have you ever had a apron block???That's a new one for me..I work as a hair dresser in a nice salon and like to wear Aprons for all holidays. If I wear a apron some one wants to buy the apron or have me make one, I usually make two sided / reversible aprons.,Your getting two Aprons for the price of one.
I usually have $20.00 just in fabric and charge $25,00 for the apron so really there is no way to make a couple extra $ on my aprons.Sad to say. But I LOVE aprons and am happy to break even. Wearing a apron and working as a hair dresser I always need a pocket.
and of course a full apron not a a half apron, I need inspiration!! Some thing simple yet fun , for Valentines Day,Does any one have suggestions?? I'd really appreciate it
Thanks Sherrie


  1. Katherine said...
    check out GraphicsFairy.com - there are a lot of vintage postcards posted there - some of valentines - that might inspire you. Best regards!
    Cindy Riggs said...
    Check out my blog, mimismagicapron.blogspot.com (Mimi's Magic Apron). Let me know what you think. Thank you and Have a great day. Cindy

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